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and it actually *feels* like Virgo season

I drew a Virgo maiden to welcome Virgo season:

Here’s what I think is neat about astrology. There was a time when humans used the position of the stars to know when it was time to plant, or harvest, or prep the fields, or have a big Harvest feast.

Somehow they’d be able to look up and see that the sun is now in the Virgo part of the clock in the sky, and know that the summer season was about to draw to a close.

Time to harvest all the plants, line them all up in neat little rows or put them up in jars, count them, line them up in the pantry, make notes and records, barter, trade, whatever they did at the end of summer…

It marked a change from lollygagging in the heat, tending the fields, to the weather cooling and getting serious about prepping for winter.

(As far as I can tell, the astrological system we’re using now in the west was made up by Northern Hemisphere farmers.)

So do whatever you want with the “if you were born during Virgo season, you’re super organized and type-A” stuff, which may or may not be true, but just notice whether you yourself have noticed a change.

I definitely have. I’ve been way more in the mood to organize, sort, and clean all my belongings. Yeah I just moved, but there are times when I’ve moved in the past where I just stuffed things on shelves or even left them in their boxes for months.

Maybe waiting for Virgo season, heh.

Something is in the air and it’s making me really enjoy lining things up in neat little rows, drawing straight lines and boxes, and getting myself organized.

Is it just me? Have you felt this shift too? I’d love to hear about how you’ve been feeling as we head into September,
especially after that eclipse! Comment below and let me know.



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