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Baby steps and small wins 🎉

First, HAPPY LIBRA SEASON! This is my favorite time of year.

The equinox marks the end of summer, the end of Virgo season, the beginning of Libra season, and my upcoming birthday 😄

I recently learned that the signs of the zodiac are synced with the cards in tarot. The card for the first few days of Libra season is the Two of Swords. Look at this image of the Two of Swords I found on deviant art. So pretty!

A lady sits on a bench, blindfolded, holding two swords. Behind her, a sea roils under a waxing moon — just like the moon above us right now!

Twos in tarot represent balance, equanimity, fairness.

Swords represent air or thought.

She’s weighing two issues, blindfolded, sitting on a bench, so she can take her time with this decision and make it fairly.

Agriculturally, this is the time when people would distribute all the rewards from their harvest, making sure everyone gets their fair share. The balance of equinox, with the equal daylight and night, gives this season its emphasis on equanimity and fairness.

I love this time of year. The golden sunlight, the hint of coolness in the air as summer dwindles but Autumn begins to peek through…

Health update: I’ve been feeling waaaayyyy better since cutting out those foods my immune system was all up in arms about.

Energy is up, my mood is up, I’m sleeping better, my digestive health is better, and my brain seems more powered up. I’m able to write blog posts quickly and clearly, I have lots of creative ideas, and things get done off
my to do list more easily.

In other words, I’m back!

So… what happens if I go another layer deeper?

This ALCAT food test I told you about before, in addition to the list of foods to which my immune system is having a moderate reaction, also gave me a list of foods to which my immune system is having a mild reaction.

A lot of the foods on the mild list are very common staples of my diet.

Which makes sense, right?

If the problem is leaky gut, the food I eat all the time gets through those leaky intestinal passageways, encounters immune system security guards being like, “Whoa there!”

The immune system guards call in backup and the red alarms start flashing, and I’m like, dudes. It’s just olive oil.

That’s right. My immune system is freaking out about olive oil. Well, mildly.

Here are some of the things on the mild list:

* Olive
* Black pepper
* Parsley
* Mustard seed
* Cilantro
* Cinnamon
* Cardamom
* Cashew

There are a lot of other things, but looking at just that small sampling of items, it’s like — there goes all off-the-shelf salad dressings, pretty much any restaurant meal, my favorite masala chai tea beverages, and my new favorite cheese substitute — vegan cashew cheeses!

See why my brain wants to throw up its proverbial arms and sigh “This is impossible!”

I’m celebrating my small wins and embracing this challenge in baby steps, friends. Baby steps.



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