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Consciousness Isn’t a Mystery. It’s Matter. – The New York Times

“If you gotta ask, you ain’t never going to know.” — Louis Armstrong, on what jazz is…

The Stone explains what consciousness is:
Consciousness, rather than being our biggest mystery, is “the most familiar thing there is, whether it’s experience of emotion, pain, understanding what someone is saying, seeing, hearing, touching, tasting or feeling. It is in fact the only thing in the universe whose ultimate intrinsic nature we can claim to know. It is utterly unmysterious.
“The nature of physical stuff, by contrast, is deeply mysterious, and physics grows stranger by the hour.”
Here’s where it starts to get weird (after a cute Winnie the Pooh reference, to boot!)
“We don’t see that the hard problem is not what consciousness is, it’s what matter is — what the physical is.”
This part’s good:
“Physics, [Stephen Hawkings] says, is ‘just a set of rules and equations.’ The question is what ‘breathes fire into the equations and makes a universe for them to describe?’ … The answer, again, is that we don’t know — except insofar as this stuff takes the form of conscious experience.”
If this fascinates you as much as it does me, this whole article is worth a read. It’s not even that long. Go get you some deep existential thoughts, you.  And then, are you on Facebook? Let’s chat about this stuff in the Pathless free private community, a place for inspiration, resources, conversations, and tools to help us all figure out how to live a more meaningful life. Join here!

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