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Radical Creative Society

Create your burning desire without burning out

This is an invitation to nurture your creativity and perhaps push yourself to make progress on that creative project you've been wanting to do. Learn how to beat procrastination, bust self sabotage, avoid loneliness and burnout. Stay in tune with the natural rhythms of the planets, the moon, and the seasons. Practice self care rituals on a regular basis with the accountability of a community of creatives like you.


What it is: a Monthly Membership for Creatives

  1. Two online meetings a month, with guided meditation and group coaching
  2. Weekly prompts for creative inspiration and inner work
  3. Surprise gifts like zines & interviews with creatives for creatives
  4. Access to a community of creatives to support you and your dreams

Introductory price: $10/month

Price may increase as more collateral is added, but your early adopter price will always stay locked in where you are.

Why this is important

I believe we all have something creative within us, whether that meets the image of what we think being creative means or not.

Being creative is more than just art or writing or music. It’s problem solving, and we have plenty of problems to solve.

I believe that we can only solve the problems humanity faces right now through creativity, so dedicating time and energy towards growing and nurturing our creativity is the most important thing we can do.

To be a creative person in this world is the ultimate act of rebellion.

We live in a society that wants us to be tame, lame, and fall in line, and anyone who steps out of that gets blasted with a shit-ton of shaming, blaming, judgement, insecurity, fear, and everything else this society has to throw at us to keep us down.

I believe we can persevere and be creative anyway, and I’m doing everything I can to make that true for myself and share how I’m doing it to teach and inspire others to do the same.

What if being creative and putting our unique gifts out into the world is exactly the medicine we all need to fix what is broken about our culture?

Creativity is something we bring out in ourselves through constant attention and practice, and I’m on a mission to figure out which practices bring out this stuff most potently.

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Sarah Harrison. I’m a product design consultant and co-founder of The Determined, a creative strategy collective. We specialize in working with entrepreneurs and creative professionals creating audacious solutions to humanity’s gnarliest challenges — those helping all of humanity rise and thrive — without adding to the Heart-Numbing Commercial Culture Machine.

I quit my job 3 years ago after burning out in Silicon Valley, and have been supporting myself with my creativity ever since. My livelihood depends on my ability to continuously find inspiration and energy to keep creating, while recovering from adrenal fatigue and associated issues.

In all the work that i do, as a facilitator, coach, and also as a certified kundalini yoga & meditation instructor, I show you how to dream up your wildest vision and build and launch it successfully — and I do that by offering practical strategy while also holding space for the anxieties, procrastination, and internal roadblocks that arise whenever we’re creating something new in the world.

I help people bring their bold ideas to life without burning out. We’re going to do this together, as a community of badass creatives who lift up and witness one another on this journey.

Because being creative in this world is the ultimate act of rebellion.

Because we have to, for our own health and sanity and for the future of all humanity on this planet.

Do you know what I mean when I say the Heart-Numbing Commercial Culture Machine?

All around us we see examples of things we can buy to comfort us, make us numb. Fast food, TV, internet cat videos, Botox, penis pumps. We're sold a promise of quick success getting whatever we want if we just buy this product or hire this coach. We want quick fixes and instant gratification.

As a result, we're all left numb, longing, and unfulfilled, too busy, tired, or stressed to do that thing we wanted to do.

That creative project? The one that would help people, or solve a problem you're seeing, or just add some more beauty to the world? The one that's been in the back of your head for a year?

It's not your fault that you haven't gotten it done. This is exactly what the Heart-Numbing Commercial Culture Machine does. We need to be tired, stressed, and busy for the Heart-Numbing Commercial Culture Machine to do its job and sell us shit we don't need.

And if we try to step out of the status quo and create something new, the Machine does everything in its power to make our lives difficult.

It's exhausting. But I believe we can beat the Machine. It isolates us and tricks us into thinking we have to go it alone because it knows that we can beat it if we band together.

If we create community, we can help one another as we work to write that book, create that screenplay, launch that product, switch careers, learn that new skill, get that project published.

If we create rituals for self care, we can build up our energy so we're not targets for the Machine's tricks. We become immune to, or at least able to catch ourselves and fight against the traps of procrastination, isolation, imposter syndrome, and anxiety.

Here's what we'll do.

We’ll meet online twice a month, in a group video chat, for a guided meditation on the Sunday nearest each New Moon and Full Moon, so that you can create a habit of tuning into your creative rhythms.

Each New Moon will be an opportunity to check in with what you want to create, so that you can steadily make progress towards your vision and goals.

Each Full Moon will be an opportunity to check in with yourself on anything you’d like to let go of, so you can make room for the new things you want to create.

Every week, you’ll receive creative prompts so that you can gently maintain inspiration and momentum on your projects.

Occasionally you’ll receive surprise creative collateral like physical zines, gifts, or interviews with other creatives to inspire you and help you convince any part of yourself that procrastinates or fears failing that it is worthwhile to keep pushing and take risks.

You’ll have access to an amazing community of creative people like you, so that you can connect with others, support one another, hold each other accountable, learn from one another’s mis-steps, lift each other when we fall, celebrate with us when we succeed, and mentor those who come onto this path behind you.

Because we live in a society that wants us to believe we’re alone and that creating something new that goes against the status quo is too hard.

Because society wants us to give up and fall in line.

Because being creative in this society is hard work and takes enormous courage and self care, and that we need to band together and support each other to be able to continue doing this work.

Because being creative is the ultimate act of rebellion.