Frazzled to Focused in 7 Days

Are you doing too many things at once? Staying up late every night to get more done, skipping meals, and praying your computer won't crash if you open one more tab?

Join this free 7-day challenge to #getfocused, gain control over your schedule, and get your life on track in just 15 minutes a day.

Perfect for designers, contractors, and the self-employed.

  • Get high quality work done more efficiently
  • Keep your browser windows sane and your computer happy
  • Focus on your career and set goals
  • Learn to track progress on goals so you actually achieve them
  • Crack down on procrastination and distraction
  • Build healthy habits that boost your creativity naturally
  • Carve out time for learning, play, rest, social

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If you're a creative business owner, a designer, a freelancer, or an entrepreneur who's feeling like all the spinning plates are about to come crashing down, the Frazzled to Focused Challenge is for you.

It's also a super fun way to connect with like-minded creatives in our Facebook group!


After signing up for the From Frazzled to Focus Challenge, you will gain access to a free 7-day email course with a different tip and prompt each day. Each homework assignment will take 15 minutes or less, and will get you feeling more sane, focused, and better prepared.

All you have to do is commit to following the instructions in your email, EVERY DAY, for the next 7 days!!


Day 1: Awareness

Day 2: Learning to say "no"

Day 3: No more spinning beach ball of doom!

Day 4: Distraction-free phone

Day 5: Focus Keeper & The Pomodoro Technique

Day 6: Your Ideal Day

Day 7: Build Creativity Naturally

After signing up, you will also be invited to join the totally FREE Pathless Facebook community, where you can ask questions + get advice from an awesome network of creatives + business owners.

Oh yeah, and I'll be in there too, answering questions, sharing awesome tips, resources + other info that I think you'll find helpful!

  • Created by Sarah Harrison

    Sarah is a product strategist and design instructor with years of startup experience managing agile/scrum product teams. She’s an entrepreneur battling chronic illness who shares the life hacks she’s learned along the way to help creatives build sustainable productivity habits at