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Go from Frazzled to Focused in one week

Do you feel like you’re able to focus when you want to?

Do you know how to set aside a couple hours to do one very important thing, and then you do it?

Seems simple, but I’ve found myself completely all over the place lately.

I have a free couple of hours, I sit down, and then it takes me 20 minutes to figure out what I need to get done. Then I’m distracted by email, I’m looking at social media, and before long my browser has 20 tabs and my computer’s making a sound like a jet engine is about to take off and the spinning beach ball on the screen has become an analogy for how I feel in my brain, too.

Sound familiar?

One of the things I do is look at my own fears, bad habits, and pains, deeply. Then I turn around and share what I’ve learned.

So I started looking at my lack of focus.

I researched.

I experimented.

And I’ve come across some techniques and tricks that work. Like really work. I’m finding myself getting back to work faster, and things are getting checked off my to do list.

I’ve compiled a few of my best hacks to get focused, especially for creatives, people juggling multiple projects, designers, and the self-employed.

Join the #getfocused challenge

This is a 7-day challenge for you to get focused in 15 minutes a day.

You’ll get a daily email with a prompt that will get you aligned, centered, and feeling under control so you can get stuff done.

After 7 days, you’ll have learned some of my best tips & hacks for getting your focus back. You’ll be getting stuff checked off your to do list left and right. You’ll be a productivity super hero.

Get started today!


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