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How do you get over the fear of starting a business?

Suppose you’re thinking about quitting your job and starting
your own business. You have an idea, but your fear keeps holding
you back. You start thinking of worst-case scenarios, like “what
if I get no clients?” or “what if people don’t think I’m smart
enough to help them?”

There are plenty of fears entrepreneurs face. I go into a few
more of them in my post, 3 things rapid prototyping taught me
about entrepreneurship. And here’s the thing — if you’re asking yourself those questions,
it’s totally natural. We all do.

But those are the wrong questions to be asking.

You will have times when you get no clients. There will be people
who don’t think you’re smart enough to help them.

And when that happens, you’ll find other people who do think
you’re smart enough to help them. And you’ll get clients.

Instead, ask yourself these questions:

“What is the result I want to create in the world, and for which
specific people?”

“What is the smallest thing I can do right now to create that
result for one person?”

and once you’ve done that…

“What did I learn from that one person that can help me do this
better for the next person?”

As long as you keep working towards creating the result you
imagine for one person at a time, and learning from each step you
take, you’ll make progress.

But most importantly, you’re learning. Instead of sitting still
and worrying about what might happen, you’re taking small steps
and learning concretely what does happen.

In our heads, we think “I’m going to create a business” and then
we imagine ourselves suddenly running this huge business. No
wonder we freak out.

In reality, everyone builds businesses a little bit at a time,
learning along the way. So don’t let the idea of the final
painting psych you out from making the first brush stroke.

Take it a little at a time, and have fun in the process.


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