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How to be the boss of your life.

It’s January 15 and you’ve likely either:

  1. Set some resolutions for the new year and have already forgotten about them, or
  2. Ignored the whole task of setting goals for the year and are feeling anxious and overwhelmed by the idea

My inclination is usually to ignore it — months and years are just arbitrary concepts humans have devised anyway, right?

But when I was managing a team, roadmap planning and setting performance goals was part of a system that kept everything progressing forward and running smoothly. And now that I’m self-employed, creating milestones and measuring my progress is even more important.

When you don’t plan, you end up drifting on an endless sea of time. You react to the things that come your way, and the events around you end up shaping the direction of your life.

You end up either following what everyone else is doing, or wandering lost in your own little aimless world.

Personally, I don’t want to do what everyone else is doing. I’ve deliberately stepped off the beaten path to forge my own way. But not aimlessly. I get to be the boss of where I’m headed.

So the act of sitting down and thinking about where I’m going and how to get there isn’t just something I do in January. I do it monthly, weekly, and sometimes daily. But the first big step is the Annual Plan.

Now, if that sounds a little overwhelming, don’t worry. I’ve created a simple, easy to follow guide that’ll walk you through five easy steps.

You’ll learn how to:


  1. Envision your life in 3 years to daydream about your possible future
  2. Split your life into categories to help you prioritize what really matters to you
  3. Synthesize your goals into a one-word theme to keep you on track all year long
  4. Visualize the upcoming year and plan ahead instead of scrambling at the last minute when vacations, trips, or slow periods in your business come up
  5. Transcribe & systematize your goals into actions you can follow all year

So download the guide now, totally free, and spend some time today if you can planning your year.


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