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I dream of a world where good creative people thrive (Newsletter 12/4)

Originally sent out to the Pathless newsletter on Dec 4

More than 30 people died in a tragic fire in Oakland this weekend and I feel it like a thousand tiny shards through my chest.

I didn’t know anyone there, I think, but I feel for my friends who lost friends that night.

I’ll share this post from someone who was there.

These kinds of situations exist all over SF and Oakland. I remember parties at The Secret Alley in SF before they finally remodeled, climbing up teetering stairs to use a wobbly toilet, knowing it was distinctly unsafe and illegal for us all to be there.

This is the way it’s always been, probably in every major city in the world. My talented younger sister recently lived in a big shared art house near Boston. This is the reality of young artists in our country.

Stop blaming party scenes or landlords or fire inspectors and start asking why we accept a society that rewards mindless subservience while those who work to create something meaningful live in constant struggle just to survive.

If you live in the bay area, come out to the candle light vigil in Oakland tomorrow night. Wherever you live, do what you can to support local artists. If you can, donate to the Fire Relief Fund to support this local community. Please share.

Much love,



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