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Is 2018 a butterfly?

Hello December, hello to the last full moon of 2017 πŸ˜…

Someone started a meme on social media that last year was a caterpillar, this year was a cocoon, so 2018 will be a butterfly. What does that mean to you?

To me, this year has been about healing. And it’s clear now that it’s not the kind of healing where I’m going to rest for a little while and then I can get back to doing the same stuff I was doing before.

Maybe the same is true for our entire society. We’re waking up to how sick and broken everything has been, and we won’t just go back to business as usual now that we’ve seen what we’ve seen and we know what we know.

Personally, it’s clear that I can’t keep up the disconnected, online, plugged in, always behind a screen life that has ruled me since college. My body is done with that. To be real, my body started sending me signals that what I was doing wasn’t healthy back in college when I spent an entire summer studying digital graphics. I had back pain and fatigue even then, but I kept going anyway.

Now my eyes are giving out on me. If I look at a screen for an extended amount of time, I’m looking at a blur. I can’t see no matter how hard I try. But I go outside and look at leaves and they’re clear as anything.

Okay, message received.

More nature. Less pixels.

I took a break over Thanksgiving from looking at screens, at least a little bit, and it was marvelous. And now I’m highly aware how much my life is tuned to depend on these things. I have to figure out how to make some pretty big changes.

What’s your metamorphosis going to be for 2018?

I’m cooking up an idea to help keep us aligned to our creative goals next year together. This is going to be something I need, and I’ll offer it to you as well to help keep me accountable. I’m thinking we might get together for some online video calls, maybe do some kundalini meditations together, some journaling prompts, and tips to bust us out of procrastination, perfection, and any other self sabotaging habits we may need to break.

Stay tuned here throughout December as I figure out the details.

More soon!




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