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My June Review

We’re moving into July, which means it’s time to tick the halfway mark on this wild rollercoaster of a year, right?

Want to know a secret? I’ve been sending periodic reminders here and there to check in on your annual plan or goals if you set them at the beginning of the year.

The secret is — this is just as much for my benefit as for yours.

If I didn’t keep tabs on weeks, months, and quarters, time would just slip by me. I sort of have time-blindness, I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Yep, I’m not telling you this out of my total buttoned-up togetherness. I am always on the verge of losing my buttons, just like anyone else.

I’ve just invented a few tricks to keep me sane. Like this one.

I send out these markers to remind myself — and you, if you’re interested — to check in with those dreams and goals set each month and at the beginning of the year. Because DREAMS AND GOALS MATTER, okay?

They help you be who you are, not who the world wants you to be. I’m very excited for everyone to be WHO THEY ARE because there’s nobody else who can do that, only you! I don’t want to live in a world of people being who they think the world wants them to be. BORING.

So if you’re following along with the Pathless Power Planning Guide, now’s a good time to revisit your goals and make any refinements now that you’re six months smarter. 🙇

And if you haven’t set up an annual plan, now’s a good time to set one for the last half of the year.

Now that you know my secret, let’s dive into a monthly review.

“I don’t believe people ever change — but I changed,” sings Stars in their new single, We Called it Love.

I’ve seen some real changes in myself this month.

Remember the meditation I told you about that healed my back pain? The Feeding Your Demons one where my back pain turned into a three-headed crocodile? I drew this today. Wasn’t sure if I would be able to draw it, but it turned out pretty well!

My intention for June was to focus on my health, after running into mega back pain throughout April and May.

I stuck with my gluten free, dairy free diet (which I nickname my no pleasure, no fun diet 😭). I got on therapeutic doses of natural supplements.

I started seeing a functional neurologist and doing therapy on my back and on my brain. I got a bunch of tests done. I spent a bunch of money. 💸

I meditated and journaled about confronting whatever unconscious programming I might be hanging onto. Like trying to be perfect and not letting anyone down.

I faced my own muck and finally figured out how to let myself relax.

See, I’ve struggled with chronic fatigue since I was a teenager. I’d have tests done, try a few things, then give up only to try again every couple of years. Rinse, repeat.

During my last cycle, I got a test result of low iron anemia and low vitamin D. I supplemented my iron and D levels back to normal and didn’t feel any better.

So when my test results came back last month with normal iron & vitamin D and low thyroid, low CoQ10, it just felt like whack-a-mole to me. Knock ’em down over there, they pop up over here.

We’re still looking for something that ties everything together, some root cause, so I can treat that, and stop playing
whack-a-mole with the symptoms.

It took a month for test results to come back about Lyme disease.

The first run was inconclusive so they had to run them again.

Fortunately, I do not have Lyme disease — yay!

The inconclusivity of the test was because I do have some elevated antibodies. To what? Not sure yet. Some other infection, I guess.

My money’s on mono.

I had mono when I was a teenager, and apparently it can stick around and flare up again in times of stress. Who knew?

As I’m reading and researching, I’m finding a link between many of my symptoms, stress, and immune response — particularly inflammation.

So my nutritionist was spot on when she put me on that anti-inflammation diet and supplements. If anyone wants a referral to my nutritionist, let me know! She’s brilliant.

Early June was when I meditated away my back pain. Next, I’m marking June 15 in my memory forever — I suddenly felt full of energy!

This was a feeling I’d only ever felt sometimes after a lot of caffeine or sugar, and then only briefly. But this time it was sustained all day, and didn’t disrupt my sleep!

I finally felt what healthy people must normally feel like!

Finally, I saw what’s possible if I put all the puzzle pieces together: Take care of my back, light exercise, great nutrition, lots of sleep, sunshine, quality time with good friends, laughter, and confronting my emotions through meditation and journaling.

This energy high kept on for almost two weeks. Just this last week, I’ve started feeling a bit more stiffness and soreness in my muscles again, a little bit more fatigue.

What I’m learning is my body is very sensitive to stress. I’m still healing, and healing is messy business, friends.

But I got a glimpse of who I am underneath all this crap, and she’s a real fighter, y’all! She’s on fire, and she’s excited to start living her gigantic life mission, okay?

It’s going to take a lot to keep all those puzzle pieces in place, but I’m optimistic that I’ll get better at it with

Because when I get them all together … BOOM! In a good way.

So that’s my focus for July — balance the responsibilities, the social good times, and the self care. Can I do it?

We’ll see!

What’s your focus for July? What’re you struggling with? Comment below and let me know!


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