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On Finding Your Purpose: An Extraordinary Letter by Hunter S. Thompson (via Tranquil Monkey)

My friend came across this letter from Hunter S. Thompson on Tranquil Monkey and sent it along to a group of us gals who talk about our goals and purpose in life.

Yes, goals groups are a thing, and they’re great. Get together with some friends every few weeks and talk about your goals. Seriously.

Anyway, here we have a not-yet famous Hunter S. Thompson writing a letter on the meaning of life to a friend. Man, I can’t remember the last time a friend sent me a letter, and I’m pretty sure it didn’t contain the meaning of life, or any Shakespeare quotes.

Whew, it’s good stuff. As these things often happen, my friend sent this just as I was debating something along the same lines, whether to float with the tide, or swim for a goal.

When you’re freelancing and building your own business, it’s inevitable that something will come your way wanting to take you out of the water. And swimming is hard, so you contemplate it. It’d be so much easier to just take a regular job, you think. Give up the dream for a paycheck and benefits like most everyone else does.

But I think what Hunter S. Thompson is trying to tell his friend, more or less, that when presented with two choices (or eight), you either know if one is right for you, or if neither feels right, and you’re feeling stuck enough to ask for advice, you’ve gotta find a third (or ninth) way. You gotta stay true to you and keep going for the life you want.

Something like that, right?

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