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How to Fix the World

Meditation and self care are extremely personal and counterculture. In this society that wants us to bury our emotions and buy quick fixes, I can’t think of anything more rebellious and powerful.  (TL;DR) Serious question for you. What comes to mind when you hear things like “self-care,” or “meditation,” or “mindfulness?” Is it something real, or something cheesy? …

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15 Days of Meditation

Ready to practice meditation every day? If you’ve been wanting to practice meditation, but are having trouble figuring out where to start, I’d like to help. Join this email class and get five unique, simple, powerful meditations emailed to you, plus daily reminders to help you establish a consistent meditation practice on your own. This is a …

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Propane Jane on Twitter: “White men are under attack! or: When you’re accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression.”

I love those friendships where every time we chat, the discussion always dives deep into heavy philosophical territory, whether it be on consciousness or love or friendship or art or feminism or any random thing. These conversations light me up, they’re my obsession. I met with just such a friend for breakfast before work on …

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