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Find your personal power

I follow a writer on Facebook who publicly posts such beautiful things:

“At some point we may need to betray the mediocre social world, to show the mediocre world the power that we have hidden, to unfurl our golden wings. True power is not based on force and control but on solidarity, fierce intention, tenderness and kindness. It comes about when we let go of our isolation and disconnection, when we remember we are hopelessly entangled with all life, when we work together with community and let a larger force of the earth move through us. We may need to find the power behind our fear and anxiety. We may need to move from the small self to the big Self, to make a leap into the absolute unknown, to become like an Eagle and fly freely. When we do this we may find that a larger force of nature will lift us up and guide us towards the fulfillment of the fantastic and immense dreams that have always slumbered inside us. A larger force of nature will allow us to take flight and soar towards some new and more abundant world.” — Jason Hine


I love his phrases and his sentiment. “Betray the mediocre social world” — ooh that’s good. We live in a society that wants nothing more than for us to blend in, shut up, be mediocre.

We’ve had this programmed into us since childhood.

It’s so deep, we have structures in our brains that pump cortisol into our blood whenever we so much as think of doing something we’ve never done before. They’re called amygdalae and they help us stay out of trouble, but they also help us stay out of creativity, boldness, and uniqueness.

Our society naturally feeds us patterns that strengthen our amygdalae, continuing this pattern of self-doubt, fear, anxiety, and conformity.

Want to know how to reverse it?

Well, one way I know of is meditation. I bet you knew I was going to say that.

It’s one of the weirdest things, but scientists have studied it, and it’s a fact. The practice of meditation physically shrinks the size of our amygdalae and measurably increases the grey matter in our prefrontal cortex — the part of our brain responsible for what we might call the “big Self” — the part responsible for inventions and strategies and plans.


When you strengthen your prefrontal cortex through meditation, and lower your amygdalae’s overprotective fear trigger response, it can certainly feel like a force that “will lift us up and guide us towards the fulfillment of the fantastic and immense dreams that have always slumbered inside us.”

Sounds pretty great, right? Try it for yourself. Commit to 15 days. Go for it.



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