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Goal Setting for Those Who Walk Their Own Path

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An easy process to help you set goals that you'll actually keep throughout the year.

  • Envision your ideal life in 3 years

    Experts say we overestimate what we can accomplish in a year, and underestimate what we can accomplish in 3 years.

  • Plan Your Life by Category

    Splitting your life into small chunks helps make sure you’re prioritizing everything that’s really important to you.

  • Synthesize & Visualize Your Upcoming Year

    You’ll learn how to get the big picture of your year and come up with a theme to keep you grounded to your goals throughout each day.

  • Transcribe & Systematize

    You’ll transcribe all your goals into monthly and weekly tasks, with check-ins throughout the year and a daily routine to keep you on track.

Plan Your Powerful Year

You can walk your own path with intention with these simple guidelines.

I'll also keep in touch with regular encouragement.

Created by Sarah Harrison

Sarah is a design strategist and product coach in San Francisco focused on helping startup founders and non-profit teams unlock their creative and productive potential. She's also a certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation instructor, as well as a software design instructor and entrepreneur.

After years of climbing the corporate ladder, she was sidelined by stress-related health issues and decided to take a step back to better understand the deeper issues that contribute to stress, burnout and professional fatigue. The journey that followed led her to making big changes in her life, including quitting her day job and embarking on a new path as an entrepreneur and coach.

Sarah is passionate about sharing her own experiences and helping others achieve maximum balance and productivity in their lives using proven meditation and time management techniques.

She talks creativity and personal growth at, and conspires with a community of likeminded path-forgers on Facebook at