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Propane Jane on Twitter: “White men are under attack! or: When you’re accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression.”

I love those friendships where every time we chat, the discussion always dives deep into heavy philosophical territory, whether it be on consciousness or love or friendship or art or feminism or any random thing. These conversations light me up, they’re my obsession.

I met with just such a friend for breakfast before work on Thursday.* The conversation veered towards politics this time, sort of, he wondered aloud why what’s happening in the world is happening now — especially the horror of white supremacist political rallies and the mind-boggling fact that there are people in attendance who support them. I mean some absurd, terrible stuff reminiscent of World War II Nazi Germany — and we saw how that turned out — is being said, and people are cheering?

I don’t know if I answered well, I described how I see society and popular opinion as a pendulum, and while all views always exist, the pendulum swings on which view is outwardly expressed. And sometimes the change of the way the pendulum swings stirs up a lot of fear, especially among the groups falling out of favor, feeling as if they’re losing power.

The power of the “straight white male” is waning right now. It’s been the status quo for so long, that this swing is going to ruffle some feathers. People fear change.

The person who expresses this sentiment most powerfully and succinctly, as far as I know, is a person I follow on Twitter who calls herself Propane Jane.

She tweets long threads of poignant observations, each tweet in itself a revelation, the entire thread a textbook’s worth of knowledge in quick, pithy, readable bites.

If you feel a bit lost about what’s going on in the world, and you want a healthy dose of perspective, get yourself on Twitter and follow Propane Jane.

Totally unrelated note:

*Two years ago, if you had told me I’d be happily enjoying a nice breakfast with a friend before a 9am meeting,  I would just laugh and laugh, considering how hectic my mornings were. I was always a night owl, only getting up when I absolutely had to, then rushing like a hot mess to my work day, always late and disheveled.

Eventually, I figured out how to reprogram my sleep schedule (the healthy way), and I’d like to share what worked — and what didn’t work, to hopefully help people not make some of the mistakes I did.

Are you looking to change your routine from Night Owl to Early Bird? I have a class for that under development:

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