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Pushing against the inertia of society

Someday I’ll be writing you saying “I overhauled my diet and cured my chronic fatigue and back pain, healed adrenal fatigue and leaky gut, reversed autoimmune disease before it started, and I’m a whole new woman — here’s how I did it!”

Today, though, it’s just the slog of being in the middle of doing those things.

And I want to have the appropriate perspective here… what I’m trying to do feels impossible, but to say it is impossible like my brain wants to sometimes… is some serious bullshit.

This would be impossible if I lived in a small remote town with one tiny grocery store, like a huge portion of people on this planet.

This would be impossible if I had to work overtime at a minimum wage job to make ends meet, like a huge number of Americans have to do.

Instead, I acknowledge that I live in one of the richest cities in the world with an abundance of organic and specialty health products within walking distance from my home.

I am grateful for the privilege and all the things that worked out well for me throughout my life so I can afford to work with a nutritionist and educate myself about which foods are healing for me.

When I’m frustrated by the amount of time I’m spending right now trying to figure out what I can and can’t eat and how to prepare these strange (to me) foods, I will remember this is a choice I get to make to invest in my health and my future.

I will remember that most of the inertia of this society works to keep people in poor health, in stress, and in struggle, and trying to counteract that will always feel nearly impossible.

But counteracting the inertia of society is what I’m committing to do, in my health and in my work, and to do that is a gigantic privilege very few of us are ever able to consider.

So I’m curious — is there a stream of society’s inertia that you are pushing against? Which is it, and how are you nurturing yourself during the struggle?

Comment and let me know! And huge kudos to you!



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