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Relax, let it go, it’ll all be okay.

This week I was able to relax and let go of my “perfection” attachment a bit more. I highly recommend this!

I noticed a lot of anxiety, frustration, and general angst in myself towards all the stuff I *have* to do to get things “perfect” … and how I was spending a lot of energy in the trying but still not having the “perfect” result.

For example, all the meal planning, organizing, and worrying about what to do given this restricted diet I’m on to try and heal leaky gut / systemic inflammation and prevent autoimmune disease.

I’d spend hours — HOURS — making lists and meal plans and looking up recipes, only to poop out, get overwhelmed, and just eat leftovers.

So instead, this week I just skipped all the hours making lists and meal plans and looking up recipes and just ate whatever food I had on hand or went to the salad bar and had random finger foods like every day was a picnic.

Sometimes breakfast was an apple, a bunch of grapes, and some sliced deli ham. Lunch was a couple hard-boiled eggs and some cherry tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, and diced cantaloupe. I’d stop
at the corner store before most meals and just grabbed whatever looked good. I’m pretty sure I had apples and peanut butter for dinner one night.

I’m not winning any foodie awards, but I’m getting some nutrients and protein and feeling satiated for three hours or so, so who cares?

I saved myself a lot of energy and angst in the worrying, and the end result was less than perfect, which is the exact same result I got with all that extra energy, so — #winning!

So for all that I talk about planning and systems, today I’m balancing that with the idea that sometimes you just have to let it go, too. In relaxing, releasing, and going with the flow, sometimes you find the creative inspiration you were looking so hard for.

This is the same principle as in yoga, when you try and try to stretch, you just cause more tension and stiffness. But when you exhale and relax into the stretch, you go much further into it and get much more benefit from the experience.

Last night I had enough energy to go SWING DANCING! At 10pm!

My friend told me about a tiny little swing dance with a live band, so after dinner I changed my clothes, found my dusty old vintage dance shoes from a shoebox under my bed, and had the best night of dancing! It’d been YEARS since I’d been swing dancing, though it once was my entire life.

So much fun. I’m still glowing from the joy of it.

What have you been trying so hard to do lately, that maybe you can just relax around and go with the flow? You never know what well of energy you might free up by letting go, just for a little while. Trust that it will be okay.


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