Why is it so hard to get enough sleep?

Despite my praise of morning routines last year, I’ve been slipping back into my night owl habits. At first I blamed it on catching a cold, then I blamed it on the election, then I blamed it on the rain. Blaming doesn’t really matter, what matters was I fell back into sleeping in late, rushing to …

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3 reasons why having a morning ritual is so important

It’s hilarious to me when famous bloggers post their morning rituals with their list of what they do when they wake up every single day… and the list is like 25 items long… “Oh yeah, I wake up, and I meditate, and I read spiritual poems to my dog, then I run 8 miles, and I …

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Get more sleep… for the economy

These days it seems the only way to make anyone pay attention to something we wish would change is to tie it to the bottom line.

I thought it was cute when I read this New York Times piece by Sendhil Mullainathan, Get Some Sleep, and Wake Up the G.D.P.

“Most of today’s workers rely on their mental and social skills. And if those workers don’t get enough sleep, their lethargy, crankiness and poor decision-making will hurt the economy in assorted and significant ways.”

It’s not enough to notice people are lethargic, cranky, and making poor decisions, we have to make it meaningful by tying it to a nation’s gross domestic product.

Fine. Whatever drives the message home.

People need to get sleep. This culture of burning the candle at both ends we all seem to be encouraging isn’t really getting anyone anywhere.

But if you need proof, Mullainathan references a study showing that people waste more time surfing the web aimlessly on the day after the start of daylight savings time, when people get one hour less sleep.

He also mentions a study showing that full-time workers are getting fewer than six hours of sleep a night more often now than in the ’70s.

We live in a society that is valuing sleep less and less, but our bodies and minds are still wired the way they were tens of thousands of years ago.

Use the economy argument if you want to, but really, it’s biology. We need sleep.

P.S. Do you need help getting more sleep or creating a more regular schedule, so you can wake up refreshed in the mornings with time to get your day in order?

I’m naturally a night owl, but getting up early sets me up for a better day, so I’ve been working out how to change my habits for a couple of years now. I’ve made many mistakes (some that really negatively affected my health) and have since learned how to safely, naturally retrain my circadian rhythms and set myself up for a smooth morning.

I’d like to share what I’ve learned with you in an 8 week class, currently under development.

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