We build society on stories … (Newsletter 11/20)

Originally sent out to the Pathless newsletter on Nov 20 What was the original meal we base our Thanksgiving holiday on actually like? I’m tired of believing everything we’re spoon fed by school books and the media. Immigrants from Europe came to a peaceful nation and did horrible things to the native people they found …

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How to Fix the World

Meditation and self care are extremely personal and counterculture. In this society that wants us to bury our emotions and buy quick fixes, I can’t think of anything more rebellious and powerful.  (TL;DR) Serious question for you. What comes to mind when you hear things like “self-care,” or “meditation,” or “mindfulness?” Is it something real, or something cheesy? …

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Notes from a Shaman: Moving Negative Energy and Why the World Is in Upheaval

My friend sent me this article from Goop.com — yeah, the Gwyneth Paltrow site is still around, and yeah, she’s still using that name — because she knows I love all things shaman.

Shaman Durek
Shaman Durek

Notes from a Shaman: Moving Negative Energy and Why the World is in Upheaval

“When you react to negativity, you send a signal imprint to both yourself and the universe that this experience of negative energy has value to you. Obviously, it does, why wouldn’t you react? If we spend more time reacting to the joyful, beautiful, and pleasurable things in life, it shows the value of those things and we create more of them.”

Read the entire Q&A, it’s fantastic. Nice work, Goop!

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