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True Talk with Cyndi Lauper

Source: Cyndi Lauper is Having Fun Singing Country – AARP

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who sit at the table and those who sit at the bar. We table sitters value comfort, privacy, predictability. Bar sitters happily sacrifice those things for the chance encounters, the unpredictability, the fun. Can you guess which kind of person Cyndi Lauper is?

“Let’s sit at the bar!” she shouts as she barrels through the crowd at a favorite French restaurant on Manhattan’s Upper West Side

I adore this feature on Cyndi Lauper in AARP of all places. At 63, she’s still walking her own path and doing exactly what works for her. So many brilliant quotes and inspiring moments in the video.

“You can’t be told what you have to do at a certain age, because if you have that against you, you will be defeated before you start! You have to listen to your inner self. That’s what’s important.”

“If you feel you’re too young or too old, age has nothing to do with it … you don’t ever have to stop being artistic, or developing who you are, or learning.”

“When somebody told me ‘no,’ deep down all I used to think was, ‘for you, maybe, but not for me.'”

The people that succeed are the people who don’t quit.”

There’s also this great bit in the written interview, discussing her early career, singing in cover bands, from which she kept getting fired:

“I was told I moved too much on the stage,” Lauper remembers. “Why couldn’t I just stand still and sing?” The rejection not only increased her resolve; it also sparked a lifelong belief that early stumbles can lead to later success. “Who knows what I would be doing if I had been successful in cover bands?” she asks, arching one brow.

Bravo to Judith Newman & AARP for the great writeup, and bravo to Cyndi Lauper for continuing to put herself out there.

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