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Weekly planning will make you feel like a super productive life warrior, I swear πŸ€—

Last week I showed you how I keep my goals top of mind day by day with one of my habit trackers and a daily schedule in my bullet journal.

Today I want to quickly show you how I plan each week.

There are a lot of ways people have found to draw up weekly plans (or “spreads”) β€” I’ve collected many that I like in my Weekly Spreads Pinterest board for inspiration.

I find that a quick and simple layout works best for me. If it takes me too long to draw out straight lines and measure sections, I won’t end up doing it.

And if I don’t do it, surprises tend to sneak up on me throughout the week, I’m unprepared for meetings or presentations, or I forget some of those little tasks that really make a big difference in how easily things flow for me.

So every Sunday evening, I turn to a blank spread in my journal and write at the top left the date of the following Monday, a dash, and the date of the following Sunday, like Aug 7 – 13.

Then I write M T W T F S spaced out across the top of the two pages, with the dates for each day of the week next to the letter, with S for Sunday down the second page, like so:

Next I use the dot-grid paper to write out a number on each line in the left margin, starting with when I generally start to wake up, all the way down to when I generally go to bed, like so:

Next I look at my calendar and fill in any appointments for the week. I don’t just write “work” and draw a box from 9 to 5, I fill in any deadlines, meetings, or presentations I need to be prepared for. This has saved my butt many times! I think of things I can do to prep and make a list so I can come to my meetings ready to go.

Think about weekly chores, too, or yoga classes, or deliveries, pet appointments, etc.

The space in the lower left is space I use to track weekly goals, next actions, or sometimes my shopping list or meal plans.

That’s it! This weekly spread is something I refer to as I plan each day. It also gives me space to write in new appointments if they come up when I’m away from my devices. It’s a nice end to my weekend and helps me feel ready for the week to come.

What do you think? Would a system like this be helpful to you? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, I’m curious to know!

P.S. This process is also what helps my coaching clients and me track progress on goals between check-ins. Schedule a consultation to find out how coaching can help you.



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